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Michael Marczak California: Most Inspiring Director of Hollywood Film Industry


Michael Marczak born in the year 1982 on 11th August is not only a skilled director but even a cinematographer. Michael was born in Poland and after years moved to California.  He lives happily now with his family and his wife in Santa Ana. The Hollywood director is well known for his movies Man at War, All These Sleepless Nights, At the Edge of Russia and Fuck for Forest.  He won the award for the best director in the year 2016 for his movie All These Sleepless Nights which was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

About Michael Marczak

The California-based Movie Director and Cinematographer before joining the Institute of Arts in California had pursued his education in the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland.  It was while studying at the California Institute that he started his line of business. The lives of people are most often depicted in his documentaries.

Michael Marczak California, a young director, has directed a series of documentaries and films and has been praised for his work all over the world. He has countless fans in his list, and he has been named by the BBFCTA in 2016 as the Most Inspirational Director. Remarkable reviews have been attained from reviewers for the films of this Inspirational director.

Achievements of Michael Marczak

Michael Marczak won the MIXX award in 2015 for his latest promotion of Sprite well-known as True Teens.

He has also been nominated for 2 times for his finest cinematography for the Golden Frog Award at the Camerimage Film Festival.

He gained recognition for his documentary film Fuck for Forest in the year 2012. The documentary mainly focused on the world’s most peculiar charities.

The other documentaries thatMichael Marczak California has worked recently are Photon, Sacred and The First Day.

At the Edge of Russia, his best work was Michael’s first feature film which won the HBO Emerging Artist Award. 

The acclaimed director, writer, and cinematographer Michael Marczak are well-known among many countless fans and even critics in the industry.

Michael is regarded as a shining example of determination and hard work. He has not only been doing films but even bad shots.  The successful director is praised in the industry for his works with rants and reviews.  Fresh and new perspective has been brought to the world of movies by this young director. He is a revolutionary director who directs his movies with alluring visuals and interesting story.Read more